3 Life Lessons from The Olympics

Every four years we get to witness the incredible athleticism displayed in the Olympics. Every time I get to watch the events I am more and more impressed in what we are seeing. The incredible body control and precision of the gymnasts. The freakishness of Michael Phelps and Usain Bolt and all of the other […]

The Importance of Post Workout Nutrition

Training is a funny thing. You can bust your ass and train hard every day. But if your nutrition sucks you’ll never see the results you can potentially achieve. Most people in general, don’t eat enough calories, whether their goal is fat loss or strength and performance. At the end of the day we still […]

How to Squat… The Right Way

I cringe from the mere thought of it. Guys with a bar on their back, using a weight that’s about 200lbs too heavy for them, squatting about ¼ of the way down and struggling to get back up. Screaming and yelling like they’ve just accomplished something impressive. Squatting with shit technique turns the king of […]

Life Lessons from LeBron James

Love him or hate him, you have to admit that LeBron James is the best basketball player in the world. Arguably the best ever. Even if you’re not a basketball fan, you know who he is. A global icon who just had what was probably the best performance of his career. But this post is […]

The True Definition of Strength

What does it mean to truly be strong? Maybe you’re thinking I’m going to start explaining the differences between relative and absolute strength. Or maybe you think I’m going to say you need to deadlift 3 x’s your bodyweight. Perhaps performing 25 dead hang chin-ups is the answer? Well, all are certainly impressive. But what […]

The Art of Real Strength and Size Development

Most athletes and people want to develop size with the strength and performance to back it up. A great, powerful look with real word strength, speed and conditioning. In addition, having tons of energy and feeling great all the time is something everyone wants. Unless you are strictly a physique athlete and your goal is […]

Until we meet Again

There are times in life that we must face the things we dread. Losing a dear friend or family member is above all the most dreaded things we will ever have to face. On Friday May 27th  2016, we all endured the painful news. That suddenly, you were gone. The last time I saw you […]