The Iron Life Podcast #104: Break the Cycle

On today’s show Chris breaks down the four pieces of the transformation puzzle. Topics include: The core four of transformation The biggest thing preventing your success Changing the outcome cycle Breaking through to the next level How to change the story of your life And much more. Click here to listen and enjoy this info-packed […]

The Iron Life Podcast #102: Cardio for Fat Loss, My Current Diet, Training Splits for Busy Dudes and What You Actually Need To Get Lean

Losing body fat can be extremely frustrating. On today’s show I’m going to clear things up to end your fat loss frustration once and for all. Some of the things I cover today are: My current diet How much cardio you’ll need to lose fat The best training splits for busy folks The one thing […]

The Iron Life Podcast #97: Training, Nutrition, Powerlifting & Mastering The Basics With Laroy Warner

My guest on today’s show is Laroy Warner. Laroy is a personal trainer and owner of The Iron Camp in Greenwich, Connecticut. We had a great conversation that you’re going to get so much out of. Topics include: Laroy’s current training program Ways that you can simplify your training and nutrition Periodizing your nutrition plan […]