The Dad Bod? Are you F*&$ing Kidding Me?!?!

I hate to even utter the words. The Dad Bod. A term that somehow, someway has become acceptable to most middle-aged men in The United States. The fact that “The Dad Bod” is a term that’s even tolerated is a direct reflection of the current state of weakness amongst our society. So before you become […]

Sleep Better to Maximize your Life

Sleep. Something so simple that will help build muscle, burn fat, improve your mood, productivity, mental clarity, physical and mental performance and combat disease. Something so simple, yet not many people have good or even decent sleeping habits. This is usually do to stress, social activity, poor habits, work and lack of physical exercise. Now, […]

Start Small and Get Big, Faster!

Isee it all the time. Younger athletes and brand new lifters, trying to mimic the Youtube and InstaGram videos of their favorite athletes and lifters. Cleans, squats, deadlifts and all of the other great exercises out there  that are essential for building a bigger, stronger, faster, more powerful you. However, some of these lifters aren’t […]

The Truth about Supplements

Everyone asks the question. What supplements should I be taking? What do you think of fat burners? Do you take a pre-workout? And my answer is simple. They suck. Since I usually keep my answer short and sweet, I wanted to get a little more in depth on the topic in this blog post, with […]

5 Tips to Jack Up The Pecs

Everyone wants to know how to grow their chest. That’s pretty apparent from the amount of guys you’ll see on the bench press at every public gym in America. But if you really want those pecs to grow there’s a lot more to it than a bench press and half-assed sets of dumbbell presses. Here […]

4 Tips to Help You Not Suck at Chin-ups

Chin-ups are one of the best exercises for packing on muscle and testing relative strength. However, most people suck at them and never do them. Or, they think they are better than they actually are at performing the exercise and never truly reap the benefits. I’m here to give you for quick tips on how […]