5 Quick Steps to Get Explosive as F@#%

What’s up guys? I hope everyone has dominated their training week and has a lot of fun planned for the weekend. I wanted to wrap up the week by giving you a quick post on how to develop explosive power without overcomplicating things. So first, what is power? Power is strength x speed. Basically it’s […]

The Date is Set!

So a couple weeks ago I told you guys that Tutela Training Systems is going to be holding a charity work out in October with 100% of the proceeds being donated to The St. Jude Children’s Hospital. Well we are excited to announce that the event will be held at Tutela Training Systems’ NEW LOCATION, […]

Giving Back

A Great part of my job is having the ability to give back. Helping people live better lives. Recently I started giving to charity by becoming affiliated with an organization called Sweat Angels. Sweat Angels donates a small amount to a different charity organization each month for every Facebook check-in to TTS. This made me […]

The American Epidemic

Back in 2006 I got into the business of training people to help get them bigger and stronger. I still love that about the business, but I have certainly evolved over the last nine years.  In addition to strength and performance I have become extremely passionate about helping people become the best version of themselves. […]