5 Tips to Jack Up The Pecs

Everyone wants to know how to grow their chest. That’s pretty apparent from the amount of guys you’ll see on the bench press at every public gym in America. But if you really want those pecs to grow there’s a lot more to it than a bench press and half-assed sets of dumbbell presses. Here […]

4 Tips to Help You Not Suck at Chin-ups

Chin-ups are one of the best exercises for packing on muscle and testing relative strength. However, most people suck at them and never do them. Or, they think they are better than they actually are at performing the exercise and never truly reap the benefits. I’m here to give you for quick tips on how […]

How to Dominate in 2016

What’s up guys, I hope you all had an awesome holiday and are getting ready to take on 2016! Like every year, people will say that they have all types of resolutions, and are going to change their lives come the new year. And like always, maybe 1% of those people will actually make those […]

Speed up Your Recovery to Enhance Your Gains!

Recovery. Such a vital component to achieving fitness success yet not many people take it seriously. Let’s take a quick look into why recovery is so important for muscle and strength gains, performance and fat loss. First off, you don’t build muscle when you train. You actually break it down and rebuild it through recovery. […]

5 Quick Steps to Get Explosive as F@#%

What’s up guys? I hope everyone has dominated their training week and has a lot of fun planned for the weekend. I wanted to wrap up the week by giving you a quick post on how to develop explosive power without overcomplicating things. So first, what is power? Power is strength x speed. Basically it’s […]