Dec 6th

The Iron Life Podcast #31: Making New York STRONG with Kenny Santucci

Today we have our first returning guest on the show, my friend, Kenny Santucci. Kenny made his first appearance on the show back in August and told you his story about becoming a reality TV star on MTV and getting into the fitness industry. Now he runs an incredible gym in Manhattan, Solace New York. […]

Nov 28th

The Iron Life Podcast #30: Body By Starfleet with Robb Pearlman

My guest on today’s episode of the Iron Life Podcast is Robb Pearlman. Robb is a pop culture expert and author of more than 30 books, including Star Trek: Fun with Kirk and Spock, Star Trek: Little Red Shirt’s Book of Doom, Star Trek: Search for Spock, and The Wit and Wisdom of Star Trek. […]

Nov 1st

The Iron Life Podcast #26: The 10 SCARIEST Fitness Myths Exposed

As you’re probably already aware, the fitness industry is filled with plenty of myths, gimmicks, fads and other BS. Some of it is actually pretty scary. So, in the spirit of Halloween, I thought I’d share with you the 10 SCARIEST  Fitness Myths and expose each one of them. In today’s episode of The Iron Life […]