Jan 8th

The Iron Life Podcast #80: 21 Things You Need To Do In 2021

2020 sucked. But if 2021 is going to be any different it’s entirely on you. YOU control your day YOU control your thoughts And YOU control your outcome. Not the president, not the economy…you. On today’s episode I share with you 21 things you must do (and stop doing) to dominate your fitness and your […]

Jan 1st

The Iron Life Podcast #79: My Top Lessons from 2020 and How to Dominate 2021

2020. What a year it’s been. But in the wake of chaos, there have certainly been some valuable lessons. On today’s solo show I share with you my biggest takeaways and lessons I’ve learned, in hopes to see massive growth in 2021. The lessons I share today include life, business, health, family, friendship and more. […]