Nobody Can Judge Effort, Because Effort is Between You and You

The alarm goes off, its 5am and still dark outside. You put your feet on the floor and head to the bathroom. After going about your business, you get your breakfast in, drink some water, toss back some fish oil and vitamins, and then head to the gym.

You foam roll, warm-up, and then start to load up the bar. It’s now 6:30am and you’re getting ready for some heavy ass squats. Rep after rep you work your fucking ass off. As sweat pours off your face and drenches the floor you’re standing on, you head over to the dumbbell rack to hit some lunges.

After a few sets it’s getting hard to breath, let alone walk. But you continue, you now begin some Romanian Deadlifts and beat the shit out of your hamstrings. Like the squats didn’t nearly kill you.

To finish up you grab some heavy ass dumbbells and start your farmer’s carries. At this point your body is shaking, you’re holding on for dear life and gasping for air. Your body is shaking and all you want to do is put those dumbbells down. But you don’t, you keep going. When you finish you are almost at the point of exhaustion.

 It’s now light out at 7:30-am. Most of the world is just beginning to wake up and you just accomplished what 99% of those people say they don’t have time for. When you hear them say shit like that you know it’s all bullshit. Just excuses that people use to justify their laziness. You head home, eat again, shower and head to work.

Your day has now begun.

If you’re new to the iron game, or having second thoughts because of the doubt that sometimes creeps up on us.

You may question why you do what you do at times.

That’s because we are all human. What separates us is that we are willing to do the work that needs to be done, even when we don’t feel like it.

The rest just make excuses.

Don’t let the judgement of others slow you down from achieving your goals.

They will call you “crazy”, say “it’s too much”, and make excuses to why they don’t do what you do.

But it’s all bullshit. Deep down they only wish they had the drive that you do.

Just remember that preparation and consistency are key. No matter what your goal.

Consistent planning, preparation and hard work = success.

So don’t fucking slow down.

Commit to your plan and shut out the noise, because it will always be there. But it’s up to you whether you listen or not.

One thing they can’t judge is your effort.

Because, like Ray Lewis said, “Nobody can judge effort, because effort is between you and you”.

Remember that when you are striving for a goal. Because the work you put in speaks for itself, and nobody can judge that.

So stay hungry my friends, keep working your ass off and accomplish great things.

We only live one life, so work hard, play hard and accomplish what others are afraid to.

Until next time…

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