The Iron Life Podcast #5: Training Guide for all Law Enforcement, Firefighters and First Responders Plus Your Questions Answered

It’s Friday, my friend!

That doesn’t only mean that the weekend is here. It means that it’s time for a new episode of The Iron Life Podcast and I have a good one for you today.

As I mentioned on Wednesday I’m going to dive deep into everything all law enforcement, firefighters and first responders need to address in their training and lifestyle in order to perform better.

But check it…

Even if you’re not a first responder, there is A TON of information in this episode that can help you pack on muscle and strength, melt off fat, get strong and healthier than ever before.

Here’s some stuff today’s show covers.

  • How to improve your sleep while working late night shifts
  • The importance of nutrition when working tactical jobs
  • The staples every police officer or firefighter needs in their program
  • The importance of strongman training and it’s carryover to the real world
  • The best type of protein powder
  • My thoughts on running a quality group training program
  • Zercher Squats

And much more

You don’t want to miss this one!

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