The Iron Life Podcast #42: Fat Loss, Energy Systems & The Truth About HIIT

HIIT has become extremely popular these days.

That’s because true high intensity interval training is extremely effective for losing body fat. Countless studies and real-world results have proven this. There’s just one problem…

Not one of these “HIIT” training facilities actually incorporate it the right way.

The issue here is that anyone can open a “HIIT” training facility.

And approximately .00000000000001% of these people understand energy systems and what HIIT actually looks like.

So I felt it was necessary to drop an episode of The Iron Life Podcast on how these energy systems work, so you can speed up the process of losing body fat and keep it off for good.

You’ll also learn how understanding these energy systems can even speed up your recovery, which means better gains in the gym.

Click below to listen.

#42: Fat Loss, Energy Systems & The Truth About HIIT

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