The Iron Life Podcast #23: BELIEVE with Tony Stephan

The life of an entrepreneur is no easy one.

It requires overcoming a ton of doubt and fear, working 16+ hour days, sacrifice and even a little bit of suffering.

But if you stick with it for the long haul, the reward is worth every second of it.

My guest on today’s episode of The Iron Life Podcast is Tony Stephan.

Tony is a registered dietitian who has changed the game for RD’s.

He started by building  his online nutrition coaching business which then transformed to helping other RD’s build theirs.

Now, he mentors over 50 registered dietitians and nutrition coaches in his I Believe Mentorship helping them build their businesses and just recently launched his Dietitian Nutrition Coaching Certification.

But you definitely don’t have to be a business owner or RD to get something out of this episode.

Tony drops A TON of knowledge bombs that can help you in whatever journey you’re currently on in your life.

On this episode Tony and I cover:

  • Why Tony started in the fitness industry
  • The benefits of the “dark times”
  • His early struggles as a business owner
  • His top 3 nutrition tips for anyone to apply
  • Business advice for new coaches
  • Why you need to invest in yourself
  • The benefits of routine and structure

And so much more.

Give it a listen and if you find it helpful, share it with someone who could use the advice.

Click below to listen.


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