How to Dominate in 2016

What’s up guys, I hope you all had an awesome holiday and are getting ready to take on 2016! Like every year, people will say that they have all types of resolutions, and are going to change their lives come the new year. And like always, maybe 1% of those people will actually make those changes. Sure they might start off strong, but that fire usually dies out pretty quick. Here’s why…

1. Most people like to live in their comfort zone and change is uncomfortable. To overcome this be willing to get comfortable being uncomfortable. Change isn’t easy, are you willing to step up to the plate and become the person you want to be? 2. Most don’t write down their goals. I found this to be a crucial step in achieving anything. When you write something down on paper, that’s the first step to make your goal a reality. Next you have to take action. 3. The majority fail to write out an action plan. So you have a goal, you write it down and now you have no idea how you are going to achieve it. Well, simply writing out an action plan stating when you will start, when and how you will put in the work, and giving yourself a deadline to achieve your goal is critical to your success. 4. Usually people wait for the perfect time. Fuck perfect. Nobody is perfect and neither is a particular time. You have to take imperfect action if you are going to succeed. People use timing as an excuse as they wait and wait to take action. Then that perfect time never comes and another year goes by. Instead, grab 2016 by the balls and create your own destiny! 2016 is your year not to be like everyone else. This is your chance to become the best version of you. A healthier, happier, more successful life. And the good news is it is all up to you. Not your spouse, your friends, your boss, Obama, the economy. YOU. So don’t look for a scapegoat, this is your time and only you can make the changes you need. So ask yourself, will you ignore this post and continue to do things the way you have been, or will you start taking control and changing your life for the better right now? I genuinely hope you make the right call.

This year could be a special one.

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