Giving Back

A Great part of my job is having the ability to give back. Helping people live better lives.

Recently I started giving to charity by becoming affiliated with an organization called Sweat Angels. Sweat Angels donates a small amount to a different charity organization each month for every Facebook check-in to TTS.

This made me think that I can be doing more for charity. So Next month, I will be hosting a charity event at TTS. We will be having a 90 minute training session where you will receive information on how to build muscle, lose fat, get stronger and become a better and healthier you. With that, 100% of the proceeds will be donated to St. Jude’s Children Hospital.

There is nothing more I hate than seeing sick kids. And I’m sure there is nothing more that you hate either.

So join us in October to educate yourself on proper training and nutrition, and help out children and their families.

Be sure to subscribe to our website by entering your name and email on our home page so you don’t miss the date of this awesome event!

Talk to you guys soon!

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