Charity Turnout and 5 Secrets to Bigger Arms

So this past Saturday was our first charity event at Tutela Training Systems, LLC. I’m excited to say that we had a great turnout and raised close to $500 for St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. Like I said before, there is nothing more I hate to see than sick children. So I was really pleased to have the turnout we did!

On top of raising money for a great organization, we had a great day of training.  The workout consisted of full body training which included goblet squats, RDL’s, lunges, medicine ball slams, the prowler sled and a little competition to finish the day off.

I am extremely grateful for all who participated and wanted to thank everyone involved for helping us raise money for a great cause.

This all went down at our new and improved facility located at 1057 Raritan Rd. in Clark, NJ. So as you can imagine it was a crazy week of moving the gym and setting up for the event.

Now that I am back in the lab and had some time to think, I wanted to share with you guys 5 secrets to building bigger arms. I received a few questions recently on developing bigger guns, so I thought it would be fitting to let you guys in on my 5 secrets on how to do so!

So lets get to it…

1. Back the fu@*ing weight off on curls: Most guys use a weight that is way too heavy on curls. In order to move that weight an inch, they have to swing their hips like Ron Jeremy to get the weight up. That won’t do anything for you besides blow out your back. Use a weight you can handle with strict elbow flexion and extension. Come up explosively but make sure to control the eccentric phase back down to full elbow extension. This will help keep the tension on your biceps and create a much better stimulus.

2. Use a neutral grip on dumbbell presses: By a neutral grip I mean your palms should be facing each other and your elbows should be tucked in towards your body. This will put much more emphasis on your triceps and will also be much safer for your shoulders. You can use them on all horizontal and overhead dumbbell presses.

3. Row heavy: Going heavy on different row variations will certainly pack some size on your biceps. Using a heavy weight that you can handle for 6-8 reps is one of my favorite things to do. Just make sure you maintain good form, if you can’t the weight is too heavy.

4. Do proper chin-ups: Most people usually have shitty form on chin-ups. Even though chin-ups are great for your lats, they are also incredible for slapping some muscle on your biceps. To do a proper chin-up you want your chest to come all the way up to the bar followed by full extension of the elbows. That will ensure you are going through the full range of motion and will help those pipes grow. As well as your lats. If you are too fat or weak to do chin-ups properly then it’s time to get your diet in check. But for now you can use pulldowns with a chin-up grip.

5. Use thick bars and/or Fat Gripz: Last but certainly not least, using thick handled bars or Fat Gripz are a tremendous way to get those 22” pythons. You can use them for any of the exercises I mentioned above to start. Thick bars are not just for developing hand and grip strength but forces your body to recruit more muscle fibers to complete the task. They are great for real world strength and muscle. If you train at a public gym, then you probably won’t access to any thick bars. Trust me, grab a pair of Fat Gripz and keep them in your gym bag. You will thank me later.

So that’s it guys. I hope you enjoyed this post and start implementing these 5 secrets to bigger guns right away.

I am excited to hear your feedback. Hit me up on social, email me or drop a comment below to let me know your progress.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

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