Sep 4th
You've Been Lied To

You’ve Been Lied To

The fitness industry is a very dark and deceiving place these days. To someone like me who’s truly in love with fitness and has spent 13 years in the trenches studying, taking courses and seminars,coaching, experimenting and obsessing over this shit, that’s extremely frustrating. It’s not frustrating because these trendy fitness places are making money. […]

Aug 29th
The Purpose of Life is a Life of Purpose

The Purpose of Life is a Life of Purpose

Many leave this planet confused and unfulfilled. When the end of life approaches more people are filled with regrets than with the excitement of having given this life their all. And that’s sad. The masses are quick to quit something that’s difficult and give up before they’ve truly given it a shot. Making life easy […]

Aug 3rd
The 10 TTS Commandments

The 10 TTS Commandments

Training has certainly evolved over the years. We’ve gone from small bodybuilding subcultures to gyms opening to the public and becoming more mainstream, to underground athletic performance facilities to soccer moms flipping tires. And although it’s great that fitness is bigger than ever (still a very small percentage of the population are training) it has […]