Feb 15th

The Two Substances that are Destroying Mankind

Most people know that sugar and flour are bad. You know that sugar spikes blood sugar to the extreme and forces the pancreas to work extremely hard over and over again to produce enough insulin in order to keep your blood sugar in check. Which can eventually lead to diabetes. You may even know that […]

Feb 5th

5 Things to be Learned from the Philadelphia Eagles

Here we are. The day after the Super Bowl and the Philadelphia Eagles are Super Bowl Champions. As a die-hard New York Giants fan, you may think that those words may sicken me. Well, years ago, there’s a good chance I’d be pretty pissed off today. And although this is still a pretty painful article […]

Jan 18th
Do These 10 Things to Avoid Overtraining

Do These 10 Things to Avoid Overtraining

If you’ve been training hard for a while, you have probably heard of overtraining. You may have even questioned if YOU are over trained. Before we go there let’s clear up what overtraining even is. Overtraining is creating too much muscular damage and central nervous system fatigue for the body to repair as quickly as […]