The Iron Life Podcast #73: The Power of Pain and Struggle with Luka Hocevar

Luka Hocevar is a world renowned strength and conditioning coach.

He’s the owner of of Vigor Ground Fitness and Performance Center in Renton, WA, Transformation and Fitness Business Coach.

On today’s show, Luka and I dive deep into:

  • The power of pain and struggle
  • What’s required to achieve real, sustainable change
  • What most men do to mask their truth
  • Getting a hold on trauma
  • How to raise your standard
  • The power of groups and masterminds
  • Overcoming the obstacles of life
  • Breaking through the life of quiet desperation
  • Top mistakes most trainers and gym owners make

Luka is a wealth of knowledge and he shares so much of that with you today.

Listen to the episode, but more importantly, TAKE ACTION on what you’re going to learn from this info-packed show.

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